WhatsApp copies other great features of Telegram

Telegram has a star feature: the ability to send a message to ourselves to leave it as a store. However, to do the same thing on WhatsApp, we had to resort to the old trick of creating a group with ourselves and expelling the rest of the participants. This seems to be over, as the latest WhatsApp beta includes a option to send messages to ourselvesincluding attachments such as images.

As reported from wabetainfo, WhatsApp is still working on some improvements for the multi-device version of the app. The company is working on a new option to let you use your own chat on linked devices in a future update. This way, everything would stay in sync, and it would be one more way to share content between devices.

This new functionality would allow us to open a chat with our own phone number to save something important, as a reminder. We can even set our own chat at the top of the list to keep everything close at hand.

A private chat on WhatsApp to share content with ourselves

As you can see in the screenshot on these lines, our own contact already appears in the beta version of WhatsApp for desktop. And how could it be otherwise, it allows you to send messages by touching your personal chat.

In addition, according to the aforementioned medium, this chat and its content will also appear when you try to log in to WhatsApp from a different mobile device, at least when this feature is released in the future. For now, yes, it has only been seen on the desktop. However, WhatsApp also plans to introduce the same feature in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS, although without a date.

This is one of the missing functions in the current multi-device version, which still has certain synchronization problems. Furthermore, it seems that they are also working on additional features. These include the ability to clear or delete chats on linked devices if the primary device is an iPhone, the ability to view live location on linked devices, and the option to create and view lists on linked devices.
But as usual, this feature is under development and will be released in a future app update.

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