what's new in the next big update

Microsoft prepares a major update for Windows 11 during the month of September. The new version, baptized for the moment as 22H2, will be available from the 20th of next monthas reported The Verge, and will include important new features aimed at improving the user experience. Also some other accessibility function and different improvements in the interface. The list of new features, in fact, is quite extensive, and although the company has not yet confirmed them, the latest test versions have already revealed many of them.

Microsoft, in particular, will add two new accessibility features to the next Windows 11 update. One of them is the live captions. This feature, designed for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, will allow users to automatically add subtitles to content where a sound is playing, regardless of which app or program is being used. Windows 11 version 22H2, on the other hand, also will allow users to control the interface by voice.

Windows 11 22H2 will also bring improvements to the start menu and taskbar. soon it will be possible create application folders within the start menu itself. In this way, users can collect in a section apps and programs of the same category.

Microsoft's operating system will also bring back one of the key features of Windows 10: the ability to drag and drop files or applications to the taskbar. This function, remember, was removed with the arrival of the first version of Windows 11 and will therefore be recovered with the September update.

Windows 11 will bring interface improvements to maximize the user experience

In addition to the new features, Microsoft will also add some interface improvements in Windows 11 version 22H2. new animations and gestures for those devices with touch screens. Task Manager, on the other hand, will be redesigned with several new features. Among them, a new command bar, as indicated The Vergeand a new section that will allow users to view and control those apps and programs that consume many resources.

windows 11 tabs

Snap, the feature that allows you to create window groups in Windows 11, will also be improved in the version available from September. It will offer the possibility of seeing the designs or window formats compatible with the applications that we are using.

Another novelty that will come with this update —although it is expected for later— is the possibility of create and navigate between tabs in the file explorer. It is, in fact, one of the most anticipated features. And it is that users, if they currently want to navigate between different sections and folders, must do so in the same window; losing the old file and having to hit the back button to get it back. Or, opening new windows in each folder or file.

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