What will the iPhone 14 be like? This is what Apple's most reliable sources say

The iPhone 14 will arrive, if we have no surprise this year, in September. And this year, as usual, the telephone –or telephones, rather– will have multiple noveltiesincluding slight changes in the design, the disappearance of the notch as we know it, better cameras and some improvements in its features.

In order to draw up a relatively accurate sketch – as accurate as it may be considering that it has not been announced yet – we have compiled the information that some of the most reliable sources in the Apple world – such as Mark Gurman, a journalist at Bloomberg– have said in recent weeks.

And, although they will surely bring even more novelties than those that are being discussed, this information allows us to draw in our minds an interesting idea about the novelties that the new family of iPhone 14.

The iPhone mini is over

This year, Apple will release four models. A 6.1-inch iPhone 14; a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max; a 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro; and a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max. Why? Sales of the iPhone mini have not been brilliant in these last two generations, despite the fact that a minority niche had been claiming it for years. The bulk of consumers prefer phones with large screens. So an iPhone the size of the Pro Max – the largest iPhone Apple sells – but priced less than the Pro Max probably has more potential for success. That's what the iPhone 14 Max is supposed to be.

It's over notch on Pro models

Cast does not mean that Face ID disappears or that the sensors become under the screen – for that there will probably be a few years left. Apple will opt for a solution similar to the one Samsung has used on its phones for several years: small holes in the panel through which the elements that make up Face ID emerge. Specifically, there will be two perforations: a circular one for the camera and another in the shape of a pill for the additional sensors.

Same design as so far on the iPhone 14

Apple, for years, has renewed the design of its phones approximately every three years. It makes some subtle changes with each generation, but the basic philosophy remains for a triennium. The flat-sided design we currently have was born with iPhone 12, reissued with iPhone 13, and again It will remain with the iPhone 14. We will probably see subtle changes – such as variations in the size of the photographic module, new colors or the aforementioned notch on Pro models – but the basis of the design will be the same.

A16 chip for the Pros; A15 for others

This is one of the most controversial decisions. Until now, both iPhone Pros and regular iPhones have shared the same chip. On this occasion, instead, only the Pro would have the new chip A16 Bionic. This, in addition to better differentiating the most expensive models, could also be related to the shortage of chips that the industry is currently experiencing.

New camera for the iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone Pro, according to the aforementioned source, will have a new 48-megapixel main sensor, though it's not entirely clear whether the phone will be able to shoot at that resolution or instead use all those pixels for the technology. pixel binning, which combines the information from several pixels into one. In this second case, the resulting images would also have 12 megapixels, but, by combining the information from several pixels into one, the results could be much better in other planes (light, noise, etc.).

satellite connection

It has been rumored for several years, but this could be the definitive one. The iPhone 14 could have satellite connection for emergency situations where the conventional cellular connection was not available. The Apple Watch could also adopt this technology.

When will the iPhone 14 cost?

The prices of the iPhone 14 are obviously a mystery. However, Figures close to those for which the iPhone 13 are currently sold are expected. The main question is what price the iPhone 14 Max will have, the new model of the family. Judging the prices of some of its rivals –such as Samsung– and Apple's historical pricing strategy, two possibilities open up:

  • That the iPhone 14 will cost the same as the iPhone 13 mini. That is, it suffers a reduction compared to the current generation. The iPhone 14 Max, simultaneously, would cost the same as the current iPhone 13. Namely:
    • The iPhone 14 Max would cost 909 euros (the same as the iPhone 13 now).
    • The iPhone 14 would cost 809 euros (the same as the iPhone 13 mini now).
  • That the iPhone 14 maintains the same price as the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14 Max is positioned somewhere between the iPhone 909 euros and the 1159 that the Pro model costs. That is to say:
    • The iPhone 14 would cost 909 euros (the same as the iPhone 13).
    • The iPhone 14 Max would cost a figure between 909 and 1,159 euros. Maybe 1009 euros?

When will the iPhone 14 go on sale?

Regarding the launch Apple usually presents its iPhone during the second week of September and the products go on sale a week later. This year, the same is expected to happen, though it wouldn't be a surprise if, due to chip shortages hitting the entire industry, units are limited or time-to-market takes a little longer than usual.

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