What is it for and how does it work?

The main theme of the event far-out Apple has been health and safety. All the main novelties of the Apple Watch Series 8 have gone in this direction, and on the iPhone it has taken a leading role with its new satellite connection.

Usually, in order to communicate by satellite, large antennas are needed to send and receive information, such as those used in the Starlink service offered by Elon Musk's company. But Apple has managed to offer this type of connection in emergency situations such as an accident in remote places without coverage, such as on top of a mountain.

Satellite connection of the iPhone 14: how does it work?

Through an interface that is presented to the user in case of need and that communicates in detail what is happening by sending very little information in bytes. In case of need, the user can open the application, which will indicate where to point to connect with the closest satellite. In this way, the need to incorporate a large omnidirectional antenna that would be impossible to encapsulate within such a small terminal is avoided.

Once the connection is established, the user will be asked several questions to find out their status and their main problem. With this information, the application sends these compressed codes to an Apple employee, who will notify the corresponding authorities indicating what is happening and the exact geolocation of the user.

It is necessary to compress the information as much as possible, since the bandwidth is minimal. That is why Apple has resorted to this ingenious form of communication.

The message will arrive in about 15 seconds if the sky is clear, or in several minutes if the user is in a forest, for example. The service that enables this function is called Emergency SOS, and it will be paid because it requires employees to be alert 24 hours a day or to avoid false emergencies. The purchase of any iPhone 14 model includes two years of service. At the moment it will be available only in the United States and Canada, but it will surely reach more markets as soon as Apple establishes the relevant teams and collaborations with the appropriate rescue agencies in each country.

Through this satellite connection, users will also be able to send their location through the Find My application without having to send a message.

safety sells

And not just in cars. Apple has seen how health-focused features not only drive direct sales, but encourage consumers to buy other Apple devices for their loved ones. Also included in iPhone 14 is a new feature called crash detection which, through a new accelerometer, detects serious traffic accidents and automatically calls the emergency services when the user is unconscious or cannot reach their iPhone. This new function uses the barometer, the GPS and even the microphones. The iPhone 14 processor is now trained to recognize what a serious traffic accident sounds like.

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