Top 20 Highest Rated Oculus Rift Games and Apps for August 2020

While Oculus doesn't publicly provide much information on how individual apps perform in its VR storefront, some insights can be gleaned by looking at how apps relate to each other. Below is a snapshot of the top 20 Oculus Rift games and apps as of August 2020.

Some quick qualifications before we do the data dump:

  • Paid and free apps are separate
  • Only represents apps with more than 100 reviews
  • Some applications may benefit from early hardware bundling (e.g. Robot recall and lucky story)
  • In some apps' ratings, rounded ratings may show a "tie", but the ranking order is still correct

Top Rated Oculus Rift Paid Apps

Each app's rating is an aggregate of user reviews and is a useful way to understand the general acceptance of each title by customers.

Ranking changes and statistics compared to July 2020

drop out*
Keep Talking No One Explodes, Eleven: Table Tennis VR

*The Early Access app is now included in our data, which means that some of the changes in rankings may be due to technicalities rather than large changes in ratings

  • In the 20 highest rated Rift apps
    • Average Rating (Mean): 4.7 / 5 (±0)
    • Average price (average): $25 (+$1)
    • Most common price (pattern): $30 (±$0)
  • in all paid Rift apps
    • Average Rating (Mean): 4.1 / 5 (±0)
    • Average price (average): $20 (-$2)
    • Most common price (pattern): $20 (±$0)

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