Tom Hanks releases his first exclusive video game on Apple Arcade

Tom Hanks will release his first video game exclusively for Apple Arcade. In accordance with Varietythe renowned actor of hits like Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan Y Apollo 13will try his luck in the video game industry with Hanx 101 Trivia. Honoring its name, the title will test players' knowledge in various categories such as science, history, technology and more.

Hanx 101 Trivia It will be developed by BlueLine Studios, an independent studio that will have the collaboration of Tom Hanks. According to the actor, the game includes about 58,000 questionss distributed in categories such as history, science, geography, food, art, business and technology. The objective is answer the most questions correctly to get the highest score.

The official description of the game offers additional details

  • Travel through the Hanx101 mode and face 101 trivia questions to prove that you are a master of trivia. Correct answers in a row multiply your score!
  • Play head-to-head or team up for competitive trivia matchups
  • Earn jokers to power up your trivia game and beat your opponents as you battle through tens of thousands of trivia questions
  • Learn a new fun fact every time you play

the tom hanks game will debut on Apple Arcade on September 2 and can be played on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. Judging by the screenshots, the design of Hanx 101 Trivia It looks friendly and combines a 2D interface with a 3D city. At first glance it seems that the developers have not been complicated with the visual aspect, so don't expect graphics next-gen.

Hanx101 Trivia It is not the first attempt of Tom Hanks in the video game industry

Though Hanx101 Trivia is promoted as the first Tom Hanks game, the reality is that the actor became involved in another project more than a decade ago. Playtone, Hanks' production company, teamed up with an independent studio to release Electric City: The Revolta game for iOS and Android that was launched in mid-2012. More than a video game, what Playtone and Jump Games proposed was a transmedia experience.

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Electric City: The Revolt it was a dumbbell game with Electric City, an application where various science fiction animated shorts produced by Tom Hanks could be enjoyed. Although the idea was good, the game suffered the same fate of all transmedia projects of that time. A Failed game design and inspiration at Zynga prevented it from taking off.

Subsequently, Tom Hanks pitched Hanx Writer, an iPad app that emulated the experience of typing on a typewriter. The app could connect with a Bluetooth keyboard and for a few days it ranked in the Top 10 with other apps like YouTube, Facebook or Netflix.

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