This little iOS 16 trick will make your life easier

iOS 16 is now available to all users. And although the big news comes in on its own (lock screen, new notifications, etc.), there are also small improvements hidden throughout the system. Mini utilities designed to make life easier for us while we use the iPhone and, of course, make the system more complete.

One of those small utilities is the automatic measurement unit detection system. When you activate iPhone for the first time, it's assigned to a region, which in turn includes its own units of measure. Although it can be changed, generally the user keeps all the units of measure specific to his country, such as currency, temperature, etc.

Thanks to a little ios 16 hack, it is no longer necessary to use third-party apps to make changes to the units of measurement throughout the system. Although it has been integrated into Siri for some time, iOS 16 has also included them at the system level, and regardless of whether we are in an app or browsing the web, we can see the units of measurement in our format, even if they are written with those of another region , for example, imperial.

iOS 16

How to use the iOS 16 tool to switch between units

In this way, iOS 16 is capable of converting degrees Fahrenheit to centigrade, applying currency exchange rates or changing speed units without leaving an app, without resorting to Siri or using third-party applications, just with a tap. To use this new iOS 16 tool you will only have to select the unit in question and scroll within the text selector until the changed unit appears.

If you haven't changed it, iOS displays the units for the region the iPhone is set to. For example, in the case of Spain, you will use the metric system. However, you can always modify it from Settings> General> Language and Region, although keep in mind that this change will affect the entire system.

As you can see, this utility it is very easy to use and is integrated at the system level, so you have to install or activate anything, it is configured by default. It's automatic, and at the moment, it works in almost all different formats, except currencies, since it depends a lot on the format and how it is configured in the text. For exchange rates, for now, we will have to continue using Siri.

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