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Instagram is not the only social network that is copying BeReal. TikTok has also joined fashion with Now, a newly announced feature available within its platform. Now, in particular, sends a daily notification at a random time so that users can take a photo or record a video with the front and rear cameras simultaneously. Adding, yes, some extra functions compared to the increasingly popular "anti-posturing" app.

Unlike BeReal, TikTok Now allows you to capture not only photos, but also videos with both smartphone cameras. It includes, yes, a time limit of 3 minutes to make this capture, since the objective is for the user to be able to capture what he is doing at that moment.

The function, like BeReal, displays a feed with friends' posts, prioritizing what the main camera has captured and adding the photo or video with the front camera in a thumbnail. Now is also capable of showing whether the user posted the content on time—that is, within 3 minutes of receiving the post—or late.

TikTok details that the owners they can choose who sees the daily content they post in this section. Either just friends (those users who follow each other), or everyone. In the latter case, accounts that do not follow the user, and that the user does not follow, will not be able to interact with the content.

TikTok Now could arrive as an independent app to compete against BeReal

At the moment, TikTok Now is being tested in the United States, where it will be available in a specific section within the video app. In other countries, however, Now could arrive as a completely independent app. This, precisely, is something that could considerably harm BeReal. Especially if we take into account that Now would offer additional functions compared to the current app, such as the possibility of recording videos with a duration of up to 10 seconds.

TikTok, we reiterate, is not the only platform that wants to eat the newcomer BeReal. Instagram has also been inspired by the app for a function of its stories, which allows you to capture photos or videos with the front and rear cameras at the same time. The Meta-owned social network would also be working on a feature that would also work in a very similar way to BeReal. That is, sending a notification so that its users can take a photo in a maximum time of two minutes.

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