this is how the new karaoke mode of the app works

Spotify is no longer the only streaming platform with a karaoke mode. The Cupertino Company has announced Apple Music Sing, a new feature available on its music service that makes use of the lyric viewing function so that users can sing songs with the ability to adjust the level of the artist's voices, among other parameters. This kind of SingStar mode is available for free on the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, for all those Apple Music subscribers. Don't know how to activate and use the function? We explain it to you.

Apple Music Sing, we reiterate, takes advantage of one of the main features available in Apple Music; the possibility to see the lyrics of the songs. The new karaoke mode, yes, adds a slight modification to this function. The lyrics are completely in sync with the vocalsso they will be displayed in real time so that the user can follow the song exactly and not get ahead or fall behind.

Apple Music Sing also allows you to manually adjust the singer's voices. In this way, each person can decide if he wants to sing along with the original voice of the artist, or prefers to do it completely alone; only with the melody and background choirs. Although Apple has not detailed anything in this regard, everything indicates that it will allow karaoke mode in those tracks compatible with Dolby Atmos, since the company would only have to access the stems of each song and adjust the voices.

Apple Music, on the other hand, also allows you to activate a duet mode for those songs performed by two different artists. In this case, lyrics for each singer will be displayed on opposite sides of the screen. Thus, the user can choose which part to sing or even make a duet with a friend.

How to activate karaoke mode in Apple Music

Apple Music Sing

The new feature, remember, is available for free to all those Apple Music users. In the same way that it happened with the arrival of Apple Music Hi-Fi, an additional subscription is not required, so, regardless of the plan you have, you can activate the Karaoke mode.

To do this, you'll need to access a compatible Apple Music song from your iPhone, iPad, or the new Apple TV 4K, and click on the icon that allows access to the letters. An option to activate karaoke mode will then appear on the screen. A special volume control will be displayed to raise or lower the level of the singer's voice. Afterwards, you will only have to follow the song to the rhythm of the music.

Apple Plus, will activate up to 50 playlists with songs “fully optimized for the Apple Music Sing experience”. In these, popular hymns and songs that everyone has sung at some time will be included. Playlists will also show tracks featuring multiple singers, so users can make use of duet mode.

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