This is how Macs helped create the legendary sounds of Star Wars

Today is celebrated the May the 4th Be With Youthe day of Star Wars, and for this reason, Apple has published an interesting documentary in which it is told how the legendary sounds of the franchise were created using the Macs of the time. It is a more than interesting documentary that you can watch for free on YouTube, and that is undoubtedly more than interesting for lovers of the franchise and the history of modern computing in its multimedia use.

These are some of the sounds that are already living film history, very recognizable that helped give Star Wars that characteristic personality that has propelled the franchise to be the most famous in modern science fiction.

The famous cry of the TIE fighters. The pew-pew of laser blasters. Behind the Mac: Skywalker Sound brings back the team of creators who collaborate to create the magic we hear in the movies, brought to you by Skywalker Sound. From the field recording of the different sounds to the sound mix that was used in the different movies. The entire process of creating and designing some of the most characteristic sounds of cinema (and now also of TV) was created by the hand of Macs and software for Apple computers.

The sound of Star Wars is also the sound of the Mac

The origin of the study dates back to the work of Ben Burtt for the creation of the different mixes of Star Wars in 1977. It is a studio specialized in sound design, mixing and audio post-production in multiple media. From collecting real-life organic sounds to developing new techniques in sound presentation, Skywalker Sound remains one of the most innovative facilities in the world.

Skywalker Sound, although its name is inevitably reminiscent of the Star Wars saga, is also the studio in charge of sound of some of the best movies of modern cinema and television. From Doctor Strange, Moon Knight either hawk eye even Pixar movies, they are the most important studio in terms of sound for most Disney franchises or big Netflix movies.

To this day, the studio has a massive HUB that brings sound to life based mostly on Apple devices: 130 racks of Mac Pros, 50 iMacs, 50 MacBook Pros, and 50 Mac minis running Pro Tools. , remotely connected to a centralized service.

Total as of today Skywalker Sound uses 280 Macs to bring to life the sound we hear in most of the movies and series we watch.

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