They sue Apple for allegedly tracking its users without their consent

The privacy features that Apple so emphasizes among its products and services have been called into question in a new class action lawsuit initiated by Elliot Libman. As reported Bloomberga New York citizen who is also the owner of an iPhone 13, accuses the Cupertino company of recording private activity in applications without the consent of users. It also ensures that Apple's privacy guarantees are "totally false."

The claim is that Apple continues to collect information, even though the two features it includes in its products, which allow users to limit or completely restrict tracking, are working. One of them, remember, is the ability to disable sharing of analytics data Of the device. In this way, we avoid that the apps have a trace of the information for the purpose of improvement or solution of errors. The second is the well-known measure to prevent tracking of applications for advertising purposes.

"Apple records, tracks, collects, and monetizes analytics data, including browsing history and activity information, regardless of any safeguards or "privacy settings" consumers undertake to protect their privacy."

Consumers who have participated in the lawsuit cite an investigation which proves that Apple has been collecting accurate user data on the App Store, your app store. They allege that the platform records every movement, including the time they have been viewing an ad. Also what apps have they searched for, how long have they been looking at an app, etc.

Apple would have been collecting precise information through analysis of third-party apps

Apple Spotify

The lawsuit, on the other hand, also mentions how Apple would have been collecting accurate information from its users. through the sending of analytical data to the company by third-party apps.

"Through its pervasive and illegal business of tracking and collecting data, Apple learns even the most intimate and potentially embarrassing aspects of a user's application use, regardless of whether the user accepts Apple's illusory offer to keep such activities private. ".

Apple - which has not ruled on the matter - meanwhile, continues to make progress in its intention to make advertising one of its main businesses. Revenues in this division are expected to exceed 30,000 million dollars in the next four years, compared to the current 4,000 million dollars they generate. They intend to achieve this, mainly, by increasing the number of ads in some of their services, such as the App Store, the Maps application, etc.

All this, in addition, while the company offers the user the possibility of preventing other apps from tracking their movements for advertising purposes.

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