The TweetDeck app will no longer be available on Mac very soon

The TweetDeck App for Mac will say goodbye forever. Twitter announced that its popular client It will no longer be available on macOS from July 1. The movement shows, once again, that the social network has no interest in maintaining its presence in the Apple operating system through official clients. Let us remember that the Twitter app left the apple computers at the beginning of 2018.

Certainly, Twitter had pretty much abandoned TweetDeck on macOS, as much of its latest updates were aimed solely at fixing minor bugs. This is, of course, because TweetDeck has held back from introducing new features in recent years. In fact, from Twitter encourage Mac users to migrate to the web version of the platformsince the operation is the same.

"TweetDeck for Mac is saying goodbye as of July 1. The TweetDeck app for Mac will be removed. You can continue to access TweetDeck on the web." They also mention that their goodbye is because they want to focus their efforts on improving the platform and launching the long-awaited redesign.

Now, if for some reason you want to keep the client as an independent app, there is a paid tool that makes the process easier. Is about unitewhich allows us turn any website into an app. When the Twitter app said goodbye to macOS, many users turned to Unite to deal with the situation. Without a doubt, it will once again be the lifesaver for those people who use TweetDeck on a daily basis.

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