The purple iPhone 14 can be seen in a real video

The iPhone 14 is just around the corner. Apple has already sent the invitations for its presentation event and, unlike other years, the rumors they have brought us few filtered images of how the new Apple terminal could be. However, with the event approaching, we have the first video of what looks like a purple iPhone 14 Pro... that changes color.

Although we know most of its features, at least those that have been leaking in recent months, beyond renders, alleged covers and schematics, we had not yet seen the iPhone 14 in a clear and concise way. We knew that at least on the Pro models the notch disappears in part, at least according to some blurry images.

But now, thanks to a filtration in Weibothe well-known Chinese portal where the first leaks of this type usually appear, we can see a supposed iPhone 14 Pro in blue/purple.

The iPhone 14 Pro that changes color

And we say in both colors because, as the leaks point out, the tone of the terminal changes depending on how natural light gives it. A very attractive effect that we had already seen in other terminals but not so pronounced in an iPhone.

Although the video on these lines could be a fake, the truth is that it fits quite well with previous rumors and leaks. A design similar to that of the current iPhone 13 Prowith two marks on the screen to replace the entire notch, and the same layout in the camera system.

However, like everything that has to do with rumours, many users doubt the legitimacy of the video, which cannot be verified given the source. The camera system does not fit with what we have heard in the rumors and, despite the fact that it does point to a purple color, It is not confirmed either that this will be the final.

Be that as it may, this is the first real video of the iPhone 14 Pro that we see beyond blurred images and, although we are just around the corner for its presentation, we must count on the fact that it may be an unfinished production model.

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