The new iPhone SE will solve the biggest complaint of the current model

Despite the fact that it is a formidable terminal both in terms of specifications and price, one of the most recurrent complaints of the iPhone SE 2022 was that it was still stuck in the old design of the iPhone 6/7/8. And although that is an interesting way to contain price and maintain a button alternative homethe truth is its design and part of its functionality is totally outdated.

However, it seems that the next generation of the low-cost iPhone will be totally different and will inherit the characteristics of one of the best-selling and most acclaimed models in recent history: the iPhone XR.

At least that's what he says Prosser. the acquaintance leakeron the podcast geared-up with Andru Edwards and Jon Rettinger, pointed out that the cheap next-generation iPhone, also known as iPhone SE 4, it will actually be an "iPhone XR".

This change will mean the definitive goodbye by Apple to the terminals without Face ID and with the edges of the old design, which have gradually disappeared from the range.

The next iPhone SE would actually be an iPhone XR

The rest of the details about the new iPhone SE remain unclear. In previous generations, Apple put its latest chip in the cheapest iPhone: the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13. However, with the rumors that point because some iPhone 14 models will keep the A15 chipit is quite likely that the iPhone SE will be left with the chip from a previous generation.

The design change, on the other hand, is a logical step, since the iPhone XR is fully amortized. Also, the next 14 Pro they will leave the notch to stay with two perforations in the screen in order to house sensors, so the visual differentiation with respect to the more expensive models would be maintained.

When will we see the next cheap iPhone? That remains an unknown. It is quite logical to think that, since this mobile terminal was released this year, we will have to wait at least two years to see a complete renovation, if the cycle is completed. The previous one was 2020, then in 2022, so it could be expected at some point in 2024. Be that as it may, it's time for Apple to ditch the thick borders and the button home once and for all.

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