The new Intel app allows you to synchronize your PC with Android or iOS

One of the biggest deficiencies Windows It is the poor integration it has with Android or iOS —for obvious reasons—, especially if we compare it with the Apple ecosystem and the possibility of keeping data and files synchronized between different devices. Although there are multiple tools that try to solve this problem, each one has its disadvantages. Intelhowever, has presented an app that allows you to share more than just files between your PC and smartphone.

Unity, as Intel has named its proposal, has focused on the type of files and data that users share the most between their computer and mobile device. First, of course, are the photos and documents. With Intel Unison, you can have a library in tune at all times. For example, if you upload an image from your iPhone or Android, it will automatically appear in the PC app—or vice versa.

The company mentions that, in some cases, you will be able to reply notifications mobile — such as text messages or phone calls — from your computer. Of course, they have not yet announced the third-party services or apps that will be compatible with their tool.

In addition, Intel Unison will facilitate sync text between devices. If you're writing a note on your smartphone and want to integrate it into a more elaborate document in Microsoft Office, the process will be quick and easy.

Intel Unison, with some restrictions on iOS

iPhone 14

However, due to iOS restrictions, Intel Unison will not be able to offer some advanced features to iPhone owners. For example, the option to access all chats in Messages. However, from Intel they promise that the primary functions of their application are included for iOS users.

Starting this year, Unison will be installed by default on select computers with Intel 12th generation processors. (Alder Lake). Among them those of HP, Acer and Lenovo. However, the company says that it will expand its tool to more computers in the future, including those with the newly introduced Raptor Lake processors. At the moment they have not detailed if we can download it independently.

“The advantage that we can offer a PC user is that they do not need to choose their mobile based on the computer they have. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, any device you want to use will be able to connect with this tool. When you're on your laptop and you get notifications or text messages on your phone, you can put it in your pocket and go about your workflow," he told TheVerge Josh Newman, Vice President of Mobile Innovation at Intel.

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