The iPhone 14 would debut with fast charging up to 30 W

A few days before the long-awaited debut of the iPhone 14, the rumors begin to rise in tone. The most recent has to do with the possibility that Apple's next smartphone offer 30W fast charging. In accordance with Apple Insidera charger company has submitted its new products to some outlets and is expected to feature in an iPhone 14 experience video.

The rumor comes from DuanRui, a Twitter account that is known for republishing all the leaks coming from China. The tweet in question does not offer more information about the models that would adopt this feature, although if confirmed could appear on the iPhone 14 Pro.

The 30W fast charging on the next iPhone would come from the hand of a new adapter. A few months ago, Ming-Chi Kuo — who has an impeccable reputation when it comes to Apple rumors — announced that the Cupertino company would launch a new 30W charger with gallium nitride (GaN) technology. This adapter would be similar to the one for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, although Kuo did not specify that it would be for the iPhone 14.

An interesting point that is mentioned in the rumor tweet is that Lightning interface peak power is 27W. This is important, as some testing on the iPhone 13 Pro Max found that it would be able to harness the full power of the interface when using chargers between 30W and 120W. ChargerLAB found that the beefiest model in the current lineup would charge "faster", though it doesn't consistently take advantage of 27 W.

An iPhone 14 with a USB-C port?

Photo: Jeremy Bezanger

For now it is unknown if Apple will offer 30W fast charging on the iPhone 14 Pro or in the entire line of smartphones that will be announced on September 7. It is also not known if the new iPhone will adopt the USB-C port, an essential requirement of the new European regulations. The rules imposed by the European Union will come into force until 2024, so the technology company has time to plan the transition.

Currently, Apple also offers MagSafe technology, which is based on the Qi standard. The MagSafe Wireless Charger provides up to 15W of power when magnetically aligning with iPhone 12 and 13, though it can also charge iPhone 8 models and later, as well as AirPods.

The iPhone 14 will be revealed during a special event on September 7. Along with the new smartphone, the Apple Watch Series 8 will also be announced. key note It will be very similar in format to what we saw in the last WWDC. hypertextual is one of the invited media, so we will be covering all the news of Apple's next big hit on site.

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