The iPhone 14 Pro will receive one of the most requested features for the always-on display

Apple didn't invent the always-on display. In fact, for several years it has already existed among Android devices. What cannot be denied is that those from Cupertino found a unique way to do it on their iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, allowing even details such as the lock background to remain on the screen, even when it is "off". Unfortunately, this has not been to everyone's taste, but Apple has already worked to fix it.

One of the main complaints surrounding the iPhone 14 Pro's always-on display revolves around its excessive power usage. Although Apple's version of this technology has been shown to save more battery life than similar proposals on Android, autonomy has left to be desired when comparing it to devices like the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

The wallpaper seems to be the cause of these ailments. After all, constantly displaying a picture full of detail, even when the device is locked, doesn't come free on the battery. Although we have already shown you alternative methods to alleviate this problem and set an always-on screen totally dark, Apple has made it easy with a dedicated feature in the third beta of iOS 16.2..

The iOS 16.2 beta solves one of the big problems of the iPhone 14 Pro and its always-on screen

iPhone 14 Pro with always-on display

Those who have updated their iPhone 14 Pro to the third beta of iOS 16.2, You can now turn off the lock wallpaper on the always-on screen. The process to do it is extremely simple, and it is a surprising addition; considering Apple's usual reluctance to back down from some bugs and issues.

On the other hand, now you can not only hide the wallpaper. In addition, they have added a new switch that allows you to disable notifications on the always-on screen. A detail that is also appreciated.

In case you want to disable the wallpaper, notifications or both of the always-on display features of your iPhone 14 Pro, just do the following.

  1. Enter the app Settings from your iPhone.
  2. go up screen and brightness.
  3. Here, go to Always-on display.
  4. Later, deactivate to taste show wallpaper Y show notifications.

When you lock your phone, you'll still see your usual information, like the time and widgets you've set up. Nevertheless, other elements such as wallpaper and notifications will have disappeared completely. If you want to revert it, just enable the above features.

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