The Apple Watch for extreme sports would have the last name 'Pro' and a much higher price

We have been hearing rumors for months about a rugged version of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. An edition that, in principle, would be intended for those users who perform more extreme sports, such as climbing, etc. and that it would not only have a more resistant design, but also a larger screen compared to the other two models that the company could also announce this year, as revealed by Mark Gurman a few weeks ago. However, the name of this version, as well as its price, remain unknown. At least, until now.

The aforementioned journalist Bloomberg has mentioned in your weekly newsletter that this model could be called Apple WatchPro, and that it will probably replace the 'Edition' version that the company currently markets. The 'Pro' variants in Apple products, remember, are mainly aimed at professional users, since the specifications tend to be more advanced. In this case, the Apple Watch Pro could be focused on professional athletes or, we reiterate, users who perform extreme or considerably more intense sports.

Gurman also believes that the inclusion of some considerably different specifications than the rest of the models that the company could announce, such as a larger screen or a metal case, it could also be attractive to non-professional users who are simply looking for a more premium watch. Its price, yes, will be considerably higher compared to the other versions.

The Apple Watch Pro could cost as much as $1,000

Apple Watch Series 7

According to the journalist, the price of the Apple Watch Pro It would be around 900 and 999 dollars. A considerably high cost considering that the rest of the versions would be around 500 euros. Its price, however, matches that of the Edition versions. These, let us remember, are those variants that include a titanium case and a leather strap, and are around 900 euros. Therefore, it makes sense that the company decides to replace this version with the 'Pro'.

In any case, we must not forget that Apple could also announce two other versions of the Apple Watch Series 8. An SE edition, with more up-to-date specifications compared to the first model and a cheaper price, and a standard version – available in different variants – that could come with a new look and new sensors, such as a body temperature gauge.

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