Spotify will allow you to record and publish podcasts directly from your app

Spotify wants to continue empowering podcasts with new features for creators, and has started work on a new tool that allows users to record and publish the increasingly popular voice programs, directly from your app. This new feature, which is currently in the testing phase for some subscribers in New Zealand, aims to put an end to the use of third-party apps and services, including Anchor, that perform practically the same task.

The function, as shown by twitter account from Spotify in New Zealand, will be available through a new '+' button that will be included at the bottom, next to the 'Library' tab. That button will allow access to two tools. On the one hand, the creation of a new playlist. On the other, that of a new Podcast. By clicking on this last option, the app will open a new window with a button to start the recording.

The user you can speak directly into the microphone of your smartphone or use, for example, that of your headphones. Also pause and resume recording whenever you want. At the end of the podcast, the creator will be able to listen to it and, if necessary, edit it; either removing those parts you don't want to include or adding background music through a Spotify library to make the show more enjoyable.

Before publishing it, it will also be possible add a name to the podcast, set a cover, or even create a short description of the show.

The podcast will appear in the user's profile and, presumably, also in search, just like playlists. Nevertheless, It is unknown if the Spotify app will allow you to see the number of reproductions or know in detail the analytics of the podcast. We must bear in mind, however, that the function is designed for private users. Professional creators will be able to continue to use third-party services, such as the one the Swedish company itself acquired in 2019.

Spotify now has a karaoke mode

spotify karaoke

In parallel, Spotify has also started to activate a new karaoke feature within its app. The feature available in the lyrics section of most songs on the platform allows users to sing and receive a score to know how well they have done. The score, specifically, is a percentage that reveals the similarity of the interpretation with respect to the artist.

Spotify, on the other hand, has also added a new section where users can—sort of— create custom music bands by merging your favorite artists. This feature actually allows users to create custom playlists and imagine what their perfect band would look like, as they can add artists as members, create the name, and even set the roles.

At the moment, all these features are available on a limited basis in some countries. However, Spotify is likely to begin rolling them out globally in the coming weeks.

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