Oceanic+, the diving app for Apple Watch Ultra now available

One of the great benefits of the Apple Watch Ultra is its functions focused on diving. Although the watch already included specific functions for this sport, Apple promised that after its launch a function with advanced options and registration would arrive. No sooner said than done, Oceanic+ It is now available for Apple Watch Ultra users (exclusively) and can be downloaded completely free from the App Store.

Oceanic+ is intended for recreational diving and turns the Apple Watch into a dive computer. From the measurement of the dives and data in real time, to a detailed record of each one of the dives, everything is integrated within Oceaninc+ that also shows much more detailed information on the iPhone.

However, one of the most interesting features of Oceanic+ is to serve as dive planner. With the app and the Ultra, users can set their surface time, depth and oxygen, and it will automatically calculate their No Deco (no decompression) time, a metric used to determine a time limit for a diver to a certain depth.

All the necessary information prior to the dive is also included, including tides, water temperature, and even up-to-date information from the communitysuch as sea visibility and currents.

Oceanic+ for Apple Watch Ultra: basic features free, but with a Premium option

Like the rest of the Watch sports apps, additional data is included after the dive to analyze how the day of diving went. Among the data shown by Oceanic+ GPS entry and exit locations and a summary of your dive profile are included. Also graphs of depth, rate of rise in temperature and no-decompression limit.

According to Apple, one of the best features of Oceanic+ on Apple Watch Ultra is haptic feedback. A functionality that allows the watch to notify through a series of vibrations, allowing divers to feel notifications underwater, even through a 7mm thick wetsuit.

Oceanic+ it's totally free for Apple Watch Ultra users, but includes Premium features. The free basic plan offers many basic features, including depth and time, as well as the most recent dive log.

To access decompression tracking, location planner and unlimited logbook statistics, you will have to pay $9.99 (US) per month, or $79.99 annually. Family Sharing is also available, but you'll have to pay extra: it starts at $129 (US) a year for access for up to five people.

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