Netflix activates a button to skip the commission of the App Store

In March, Manzana started allowing some apps to include external links so that the user can opt for an alternative subscription to the App Store. In this way, making the developer company avoid that fifteen% either 30% of commission that the Cupertino firm applies in its application store. The number of platforms that can carry out this process, however, is limited: only those considered as "reading" or "viewing content". In the equation, enter Netflixwho has already activated a button for registration and external payment.

Starting now, new users can choose to sign up and activate a subscription directly from the Netflix website on their iPhone or iPad. This, in fact, is something that was previously available. Nevertheless, the app could not include any direct access to the external registration portal. Simply, a notice according to the subscription had to be done externally and manually. That is, the user had to leave the app, access netflix.comactivate a subscription and return to the application to log in with the previously created account.

The new process, therefore, is much simpler. The user only has to press a button, allow redirection to an external website —this is done automatically— and register. The app, yes, shows a warning on the screen as the aforementioned process will be carried out. "You are about to exit the application and go to an external website." This warning comes from the operating system and not from the app.

Netflix wants to avoid the 30% commission of the App Store at all costs

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The operating system also advises that the details of the subscription, including payment methods, they will be managed by Netflix itself, and not by Apple. "Any accounts or purchases made outside of this app will be managed by the developer Netflix. Your App Store account, stored payment methods, and related features such as subscription management and refund requests will not be available. Apple is not responsible for the privacy or security of the transactions executed with this developer", can be read in the alert that the app emits when activating the subscription.

In any case, and as we previously mentioned, the only way to activate a Netflix subscription is through the company's own website. This mainly allows the platform avoid 30% commission for each subscription. It is also not the only app that can do it. The Apple external link policy considers that all those that offer content such as series, movies, books, magazines or music, either through a single or monthly subscriptionare suitable for activating a link that redirects to an external payment process.

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