Meet people randomly Chatroulette style

The human being is a social animal. As usual. This means that we are pushed to look for others like us with whom to share our time. And to meet new people there are a thousand ways. In your day to day, at work, in your free time or using one of the many mobile apps What's in the app stores. And to make it more interesting, why not make it more random, Chatroulette style?

Beyond Tinder and derivatives, there are mobile applications for chat or video call with real strangers. You create a profile, and from this you will see other people with whom you can have a conversation. A different way to meet people from your smartphone. In addition, there are those that allow you to share photos, videos, audios and other content with which spice up a good chat.

If Chatroulette seems old to you and Omegle or Bazoocam seem monotonous to you, I propose four applications so that install on your iPhone or Android and have a good time meeting new people randomly, randomly. You just have to create a profile and chat. Who knows who will you meet and what will come of it.

Meeting people according to your tastes is possible with Chatous


First of all, one of the most complete apps when it comes to meeting people. Chatous is available for iPhone and Android and comes full of surprises so you can enjoy a good chat with new people. To start with, you can choose the random mode or directly that new contacts appear from the topics that you mark as interesting for you.

Thus, from your profile of tastes and preferences, you will be able to find related contacts. From there, you can talk and meet people randomly or based on your preferred topics. Furthermore, it is possible to maintain several simultaneous conversations. And if you don't know what to talk about, you can always exchange photos, videos, audios and even Youtube videos. A way to break the ice with fun and funny images. Of course, the content you send is temporary and will disappear after a while.

With these apps you can meet people for a friendship or whatever comes up


If instead of text conversations you prefer Chatroulette-style video calls, in that case we suggest Camsurfingan app for iPhone and Android that allows you to keep video and audio conversations with people from all over the world. Or from your country. It's up to you. What you do not decide is who you will talk to, since new people will appear randomly every time you open a new chat.

In video calls you can talk using the microphone or send text messages. You can also combine both options or even switch between the front or rear camera of your smartphone. For the rest, when you create your profile you can choose the gender and origin of the contacts you want to make.

HOLLA is another interesting app to meet people from all over the world


Continuing with video calls, although with the possibility of writing text messages on top, hello is another option if you are looking to meet people randomly. This app offers you to start a conversation with people from any corner of the world. To its credit it has 30 million users from 190 different countries.

Otherwise you can choose video call, voice chat or text chat. According to your preferences. And to adapt that you contact whoever you want, you only have to choose region and genre. Of course, make sure that you know the language of the other person, or at least that you know how to deal with it. And if someone behaves "inappropriately", the app has a moderation system to report rude users.

Get out of the monotony with this app to meet people randomly


His name is a statement of intent. monotone wants to get you out of the monotony and help you meet new people. Moreover, it also bets on anonymity. In principle, your identity remains anonymous unless you want to identify yourself with the options offered by the app.

The conversations are random although you can also search for users and open a chat with them. From there, you can change the conversation, send photos, videos, voice messages, share the music you're listening to... You can also send messages that will reach all users. Or at least those who decide to follow you. And it is that you can create a profile to follow other users and thus create a list of related contacts.

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