Manufacturing the iPhone outside of China is almost impossible for Apple

For several years there has been talk of the intention of Manzana to cut off dependence on China for the manufacture of its devices. But the plans to diversify its production line are much more complicated than anyone could imagine; especially when talking about iPhone.

As reported Bloombergthe link between Apple and the Asian giant for the iPhone is so deep that those from Cupertino they would need around 8 years to move only 10% of their production to other countries. This is due not only to the staggering number of smartphones being produced on Chinese soil, but also to the size of the logistics infrastructure that has been built around the provision of components, transportation, energy, and communications.

The data is notorious, without a doubt, but it is not surprising. After all, it is estimated that 98% of the global production of the iPhone is made in China. Therefore, if those from the block intend to move their assembly to other territories, it will be a long-term job. And one that won't be particularly cheap to build.

According to the aforementioned media, in 2021 around 250 million units of the iPhone —in its different models— were manufactured in China. Task that was in the hands of Foxconn, Pegatron and Wistron Corporation. While barely three million left the Foxconn factories in India, and between one and two million more from those in Brazil.

It is worth noting that Apple has been manufacturing the iPhone SE in India since 2017, while last April it was confirmed that it also produces the iPhone 13 there. But what has truly begun to mark the strategy of those led by Tim Cook to cut dependence on China, is that the iPhone 14 will also be assembled on Indian land. Quite a novelty, considering that those from Cupertino they do not usually make decisions of this type with newly introduced devices.

Apple and a possible crossroads due to China's dependency to produce the iPhone

iPhone 14 |  Apple |  China

Cutting reliance on China to produce the iPhone is an issue that also carries various political connotations. On the one hand, months ago it became known that Apple It has already talked to its main Chinese suppliers to plan an expansion to India.. However, the situation is not simple; mainly due to the poor relationship between the governments of both countries due to a border dispute.

In the United States, history also has its controversial edges. In recent weeks, it was learned that, according to congressmen, Apple "plays with fire" by incorporating Chinese components into the iPhone 14. Specifically, the case of YMTCa semiconductor firm linked to the Communist Party, which would produce the NAND flash memory chips for the latest Apple mobile.

It's important to mention that Apple isn't just trying to cut ties with China for iPhone manufacturing. This year it became known that the company will start manufacturing the iPad in Vietnam, a determination that was reached after the continuous problems of the Chinese production line, especially during the outbreak of COVID-19. Something similar has happened recently with the new MacBooks, as well as with the AirPods Pro and third-generation AirPods.

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