macOS Ventura already has a release date

Taking advantage of the presentation of the new iPad, iPad Pro and Apple TV, Apple also announced that macOS Ventura, the new version of its desktop operating system, will be available from next October 24. Therefore, it will coincide with the arrival of iPadOS 16, with which it also shares more than one important feature.

macOS Ventura boasts multiple new features, but none as significant as Stage Manager. With this proposal, Apple seeks to refresh the multitasking experience. Basically, Stage Manager organizes the windows based on the type of application and places them to the side of the screen. For example, you'll see one stack of windows for your web browsing apps, and another for your design tools. The idea, obviously, is to improve your productivity.

Safari has not been left behind. Although the browser already included a password manager, with macOS Ventura will give up traditional access credentials and bet on biometric authentication of passkey. The latter will be achieved, of course, through Touch ID or FaceID – involving an iPhone in the process. According to Apple, its system will make you forget the attacks of phishingsince the access key will not be stored on external servers —it cannot be leaked—, but only on your device.

"Access keys never leave your device and are used only on the website you created them for, virtually eliminating the risk of phishing."


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