iPadOS 16 beta brings Stage Manager to non-M1 iPads

The Stage Manager is one of the star features of iPadOS 16. With this feature, Apple came to evolve the multitasking of the iPad, making it more than ever a hybrid between a tablet and a computer. However, the Stage Manager was not without its critics, one of the main ones being the exclusive support for M1 processors. Today, however, Apple has decided to take its proposal to older models.

While, initially, the Stage Manager would be compatible only with iPad devices that integrate the M1 chip, the Cupertinos recently gave a twist to their strategy. In iPadOS 16.1 beta 3 for developers, the Stage Manager has come to iPad models with pre-M1 processors. Namelyhethe A12X and A12Z. Thus, the feature has been extended to more devices, but it has lost an important function.

The first report on this was published in gadget. Here, they say that while Stage Manager is now available on more iPad models, Apple has removed an essential feature from it. This is the ability to extend the Stage Manager desktop to an external display, a feature that has been removed from all iPads, including those with M1. In the latter, yes, it seems that it is a temporary movement.

The changes of the latest beta of iPadOS 16

iPadOS 16 Stage Manager

The function of extending the iPad screen to an external monitor it will return to the iPad M1 in future updates, so it has not been permanently removed. Why has Apple decided to remove this feature? It turns out that it was causing some issues with the Stage Manager, so Cupertino preferred to take a little more time to finish polishing it.

As for the capabilities of iPads with A12X and A12Z processors, there is no need to worry either. These devices are still powerful enough to run the Stage Manager without too much trouble.. Of course, the function of extending the desktop to an external screen will be exclusive to the M1.

As Apple comments to gadget: "Introducing Stage Manager as a whole new way to multitask with resizable, overlapping windows on both the iPad screen and a separate external display, with the ability to run up to eight apps onscreen at once." Likewise, confirm that multi-screen support is only possible with the power of the M1:

"In response, our teams have worked hard to find a way to offer a single-screen version for these systems, with support for up to four apps on screen at once."

Apple to Engadget

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