iOS 16 will make it more difficult for someone to see your hidden or deleted photos

iOS 16 seems to include a series of new features in the Photos app that may have gone unnoticed by many users, as the company barely mentioned them during the announcement of this new version of the operating system for the iPhone. Now, two of the most private folders in the iPhone gallery add extra protection and will only be accessible via Face ID or through the unlock code.

Apple, in particular, has blocked by default the album 'Hidden'. That is, the one where those images that we do not want to be shown in the 'recent' section or in the rest of the albums are stored. Also the album 'Deleted', which saves previously deleted images for up to 30 days before completely erasing them from iPhone. To access them in iOS 16, it will be necessary to use Face ID and, if it is not available, through Touch ID or the unlock code.

Hidden and recently deleted albums are locked by default and can be unlocked using your iPhone's authentication method: Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode.

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The new feature of iOS 16, also present in iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura, can be disabled from system settings, within the 'Photos' section. It also adds to the possibility of hiding the 'Hidden' album from the app; function that the company introduced in iOS 15. Interestingly, Apple does not show the number of images stored in both albums. The number is replaced by a lock icon indicating that both folders are protected by Face ID. Once unlocked, you can check how many images or videos are in those albums by swiping to the bottom.

iOS 16 includes major improvements to the Photos app

iOS 16 Photos

In addition to the ability to access 'Hidden' and 'Deleted' albums via Face ID, iOS 16 brings other important new features to the Photos app. Now it is possible to remove the subject from the background only by pressing and holding on the person, animal or object. Apple will dim the image and cut out, through a system based on artificial intelligence, the main subject. In this way, it will be possible, for example, to share the image through iMessage or any other messaging app, as if it were a sticker.

Photos in iOS 16 now also features a shared photo library with up to five people. In it, users can add or remove images in real time. Also let the app itself include them in the shared album if it detects that the face of a person who is part of that album appears in a photograph or video.

iOS 16, remember, will be available for iPhone 8 or higher starting in the fall. The public beta will arrive during the month of July.

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