iOS 16 finally improves support for devices like Chromecast

iOS 16 has meant a great evolution at the level of customization in Apple's mobile operating system. The foregoing is important because it is not common to see those from Cupertino adopt such an open position. However, this interesting strategy is not being limited to the exclusive functions of the system.

From the Casa app offering compatibility with the Matter standard, to a recent discovery suggesting that iOS 16 could be much more open to Chromecast than in previous versions. According to the information shared by the Manzanaconnecting to a Chromecast will receive similar treatment to AirPlay.

In 9to5Mac They comment that iOS 16 opened up the protocols to support Google Cast at the system level. Yes, Chromecast has been supported by iOS for quite some time, but only some apps have such compatibility; while the rest of the system uses AirPlay as the only streaming method.

A unified experience in iOS 16

AirPlay on iOS

Recently, those from Cupertino have revealed a new tool for developers within iOS 16, and it arrives under the name of "DeviceDiscoveryExtension". So, Chromecast protocols could use AirPlay to support the operation of Google Cast at the system level.

Use DeviceDiscoveryExtension (DDE) to discover third-party media receivers to which your app can stream media content.

Because DDE runs in a system sandbox, the extension does not need to prompt the user for local network or Bluetooth permissions. The picker view displays discovered third-party devices and protocols in the same system menu as AirPlay, providing a unified device selection experience.

Apple Developers

Of course, this integration should translate into better use of Chromecast features in iOS 16. This doesn't mean that Apple is fully integrating Google Cast into its system, no; but we will see the devices compatible with this standard directly in the AirPlay menus, as if it were a device with this technology.

In addition, developers will also be able to take advantage of this feature, and that is now have more tools to support Chromecast from your apps. For its part, those apps that already have support for AirPlay, will now also be able to take advantage of some Google Cast functions to transmit content. Thus, they will not need to have separate menus for each of the protocols, integrating everything under one umbrella.

iOS 16 seems to paint a new landscape for Apple and how we use your devices. But the iPhone system is not the only one that has been new. Your iPad has also gotten a lot of new features with iPadOS 16, and it looks like it's going to be the juiciest update in a long time.

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