iOS 16 and macOS Ventura will be able to install security patches without rebooting

Among so many new features that will arrive with iOS 16 Y macOS 13 Adventure stands out Rapid Security Response. This is a function that will automatically download and install security patches, without the need to install a full version of the operating system; and in some cases, without rebooting computers.

This option was announced during the key note opening of WWDC 2022 and is already available in the iOS 16 beta. It can be quickly identified in the automatic updates section of the next version of the iPhone operating system.

In addition to the conventional functions to download and install iOS updates, a third button is added to the aforementioned section. he himself says "Install system and data files"and it is estimated that, by remaining activated, it will take care of implementing the security patches that Apple makes available, without the need to completely replace the operating system with a new version.

"Get important security improvements for your devices even faster. These optimizations can be applied automatically between standard software updates," explains the Californian firm in the detail of all new features available in iOS 16.

But, as we indicated at the beginning, Rapid Security Response will not be an exclusive feature of iPhones updated to the latest version of their OS. It will also be available on macOS 13 Ventura, where Macs will not need to be restarted for the changes to take effect. This is how Apple explains it on the dedicated page to the software for your computers:

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