How to save a TikTok in drafts to edit it later

Many people believe that all TikTok videos are posted hot, but nothing could be further from the truth. Much of the content you see on the platform can take weeks between one snippet and another. But how is this possible? Well easy: thanks to the option to save your videos to edit them later.

The platform has managed to sell very well the idea that you can upload anything you just recorded, without thinking too much about it. A dancing video? Sure. A traumatic story? Ahead. This, although effective to attract the attention of the new generationshas left another demographic out, believing they can't upload anything more elaborate than a recorded video of the very moment.

Today we are going to show you how to save a TikTok video in drafts to edit later. Thus, you can record what you want today, and continue tomorrow, to upload it within a week. There is no time limit for these drafts, and it will help if you want to upload better quality content.

So you can save TikTok videos in drafts

The process is quite easy to follow. Also, no matter what device you have neither is your brand, the steps are exactly the same. Just do the following.

  • Open the TikTok app. Of course, you have to start at the beginning. Get ready because you are going to record your first TikTok video. But don't worry, no one will see it until you decide so.
  • Tap on the button with the cross "+". This is where all great creators start.
  • With the big pink button in the center you can start recording. Press and hold to stop the video when you release it, or tap once and tap again when you want to stop filming.
  • Time to move on to the next section. When you have recorded what you want, touch the pink button with the classic "Done" symbol to start editing.
TikTok on iPhone
  • A world of possibilities. TikTok's side buttons will allow you to edit your video however you want. From text, to stickers, through GIFs with sounds. You can even add a voiceover to tell your stories. The best way to learn is by exploring your options.
  • Now that you're ready, you can save your video in drafts. To do this, click on the Next button. In this new area you can add the hashtags and a description of your video. Likewise, you can also tag other users.
  • To save the video and edit it later Tap the gray Drafts button. Done, now you can access it later to continue recording or editing.

How to find the videos saved in Drafts

Ok, now that you have the content done, it only remains to know how to find it. This process is even easier than the previous one. All you have to do is open TikTok whenever you want, and go directly to your profile with the bottom right button.

Here you will see a new section called Drafts. Tap it and a new window will open with all the videos you've created and saved for later. To continue them, tap on them and the recording screen will open again.

In case you want to delete them, you can do it by tapping on the Select button in the upper corner. Now you can choose all those videos that you do not want to upload to TikTok, and later touch on delete draft at the bottom of the screen.

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