How to remove the location of photos from your iPhone

When we take photos with our iPhone, they usually store some metadata besides the image details. Between them we have the date of the capture and the location. The latter wouldn't be a problem, if it weren't for the fact that when we share images via iMessage or AirDrop, this information travels with them to the other device.

Of course, this can result in the loss of our privacy if we don't want someone to know about a specific location. Fortunately, is a feature that can be disabled on your iPhone, and that is what we are here to show you today.

In this guide you have two options. The first is to still allow your iPhone to store the location of the photo, but without anyone else being able to see it when transferring it to other devices. The second is to completely limit your iPhone from saving this information. The latter, although radical, is probably the safer of the two.

Delete the location of your photos when sending them to another iPhone

iPhone delete location photos

This is the first stop of the guide. Here we are going to show you how to share your images, but avoid attaching your location. However, it will still be added every time you take a photo with your iPhone, so the experience on your device should be exactly the same.

  1. open the app Photos on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Select the images you want to send to the other device.
  3. Tap the share button.
  4. At the top of the sharing window, you'll see the option to Options. Playing.
  5. In the section Includeturn off the switch Location.
  6. tap on Clever.
  7. Proceed to share the images via iMessage or AirDrop as usual.

Remember that when you send an image of your iPhone via WhatsApp or similar services, location data is not usually added. This usually happens between Apple services that send the photo with its full information, including resolution.

How to turn off location completely when taking photos

  1. Open the menu of Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. go up to Privacy.
  3. Here, go into Location.
  4. Later, go to Camera.
  5. Select the option Never.

Now when you take a photo, your iPhone will no longer save location data. Therefore, no matter who you want to share it with, they will not receive this information in any way.

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