How to leave WhatsApp groups silently

As soon as you use WhatsApp, you will end up very soon in one or more WhatsApp groups. That of your friends, that of the family, that of your partner's friends, that of your children's school, or your own, that of the university... Come on, I'm not telling you anything new if I talk to you about the problems generated by so many groups by WhatsApp. Especially when you're invited to a group you don't want to be in. It has happened to all of us at some point. You are there, seeing dozens of messages that do not interest you. But if you leave or abandon that group, everyone will know.

On Facebook they are aware that many people join WhatsApp groups but also want to leave them. and sometimes it's better that no one knows. Or seen in another way. See messages from people leaving a group It does not fit. And it can even be annoying. So on Facebook they have put a remedy to leave WhatsApp groups without making noise, in silence.

In the August updates, WhatsApp incorporates several new features. One of them consists of leave whatsapp groups in a more elegant way. French style. Without anyone seeing you leave the group with a public message or notification. Instead, you will go quietly. Let's see what this novelty consists of.

Leave WhatsApp groups silently

Until now, in addition to WhatsApp messages and notifications when someone shares something, there were actions that All participants were notified of a group. Basically the notices of entries and exits of a group. Fulanito has entered the group. Menganito has left the group. In certain WhatsApp groups, leaving and entering is not a problem. But in others yes. Perhaps you don't want to be in that group but you don't want them to know you've come out of it.

You can now leave WhatsApp groups without being known

But if you update WhatsApp to its latest version, from now on you can leave WhatsApp groups silently, without the usual notification appearing telling everyone that you are leaving the group. They will only receive notice group admins. It is not a perfect novelty but it does improve what was happening until now.

This option has been added to WhatsApp in its versions for iPhone and Android. If you still don't see it available, be patient. As it says in the update changelog, "These features will be released in the coming weeks." Chances are when you read this, it will already be at your disposal.

Otherwise, you don't need to change anything. Simply, when you want to leave a WhatsApp group, a message will appear telling you that only administrators of the group will know that you leave the group. Besides, it will give you several options, as it was the case until now: archive the group, leave it or cancel the decision.

To leave a WhatsApp group only you have to enter the group, click on the subject or description and, finally, click on Leave group > Leave group. Twice, so you don't go out by mistake. Since chat You can also leave the group by swiping the group name to the left and tapping More > Leave group.

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