How to install watchOS 9 on your Apple Watch

Apple has revealed much of its news for the remainder of the year. As usual, in his presentation of WWDC opening, the Apple developer conference. In the event, it has made an extensive review of almost all its operating systems, loaded with new features, and the occasional hardware novelty. And watchOS 9 could not be missing, the future operating system of the Apple Watch devices. It will be available in the fall, but if you want to try it yourself, you can already download and install watchOS 9.

To start, you will have to sign up in the program apple beta software, in English, Apple Beta Software Program. Years ago it was limited to a certain audience, but today anyone can register for free. Both for trial versions for developers as for the public test versions. All you need is an Apple ID and a device compatible with the software you want to try. This time, watchOS 9.

However, before you start downloading watchOS 9, it should be remembered that until the fall, Apple will be launching developer previews Y public betas. That is, it is not the final version of watchOS 9. They are functional test versions to see what's new, play around with them and find possible bugs or problems in software. So if you're going to install watchOS 9 on your Apple Watch, keep this in mind. Perhaps not everything works all well. However, little by little they will be published updates with fixes until its final version.

Another important detail: for use watch OS 9 you need an iPhone compatible with iOS 16. That and an Apple Watch of the following models:

  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch SE
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 7
You can try iOS 16 and watchOS 9 with your Apple ID and the Apple Beta Program

Download and install iOS 16

If you go to try watch OS 9, you will also have to try iOS 16. Because your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone, both must have the "latest" software to work. And if it comes to beta testing, you'll need to install iOS 16 on your iPhone in order to install watchOS 9 on your Apple Watch.

To install iOS 16 beta on your iPhone, the first thing is to make a backup. The fastest way is by syncing your phone with iCloud. Since Settingswe go to your user profile and enter iCloud > Backup. Then we will make a manual copy by clicking on Back up now. The process will take a few minutes depending on the number of files to upload and the speed of your connection. Try to use WiFi instead of mobile data.

Once we have the backup of the content of your iPhone, we will register as developers to be able to install iOS 16 developer preview. It's free and you just need an Apple ID. In this link we'll go to Discover > iOS > Download. You will have to enter the Apple ID. And for security, you may need to verify that it is you who is signing in. Then you will have to approve a legal document.

When available, on the next screen you will see the availability of iOS 16 beta. As well as a link indicating Download below it. Remember that not all iPhones are compatible with iOS 16. If yours is, the easiest way to install iOS 16 beta is by opening this link directly in Safari on your iPhone. We are going to Discoverwe choose iOS > Download and, after signing in with our Apple ID, we will download the profile for iOS that will allow us to download and install iOS 16. Once downloaded, we install it, accepting the conditions of use, and restart the iPhone.

With the profile installed, we are closer to being able to install watchOS 9. But first, we must install iOS 16 beta on the iPhone. Make sure the iPhone battery is more than 50%. Since Settings > General > Software Update, we look for the update, which will be iOS 16 developer preview. From now on, there we will see successive updates. The installation process is the usual one. We accept the update, we enter our code and wait for it to download and install. After restarting, we will already have our iPhone with iOS 16 beta.

To download and install watchOS 9, you'll need your iPhone handy

Download and install watchOS 9

Now that we have an iPhone with iOS 16 installed, we can move on to the next step. Install watchOS 9 on our Apple Watch. The process, as usual, is through the iPhone itself. So back to Safari now this link. then we go to Discover > watchOS > Download. If we haven't signed in with our Apple ID before, we do.

We will first click on Install Profile, next to watchOS 9 Beta. We will be asked if we want to install that profile, just as we did with the iOS 16 beta profile. We will also have to enter the password again and accept the installation again. Once the watchOS profile is installed, it will ask us to let's restart the iPhone.

There is little left. Once the iPhone has restarted, we open the apple watch app. If possible, we must use WiFi instead of mobile data. In the tab of your Apple Watch, we are going to General > Software update. Click on Download and install, we enter the password and accept the usual terms and conditions. To avoid problems, make sure your Apple Watch battery is at least 50% or more. Or, better, put it to load during the installation. For the rest, the iPhone will update the Apple Watch, as usual. When finished, you will see a message on the device itself.

You can also install watchOS 9 from the Apple Watch itself, instead of opening the iPhone app. Since Settings > General > Software Update. If we have successfully installed the profile on the iPhone and it has synced with the Apple Watch, you should see the watchOS 9 update. Click on Install and then we go back to the iPhone. There we will have to accept Apple's conditions from the Apple Watch app. Again we return to the Apple Watch and click again on Download and install.

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