How to change the time zone on your iPhone and iPad

Every time there is a time change, or trips to another region, your iPhone should change the time zone automatically. However, the technology is not perfect, and it could make mistakes. From assigning you the wrong time zone, to not changing it at all.

For this, today we tell you how to adjust the time zone of your iPhone or iPad manually. The process is quite simple, so just make sure you follow the steps below.

Fortunately, Apple makes its systems quite similar. In this way, you will find that the same procedure that you will see for the iPhone, you can also follow it on your iPad. Thus, there is no way you will get lost on the way.

How to adjust the time zone on iPhone and iPad

iPhone time

If you have traveled or there has been a time change in your region, your iPhone should pair automatically. However, if you're still seeing the old schedule, fixing it is fairly easy.

  • open the app Settings of your iPhone. This is the essential first step. Here, you will have to look for the section General and enter it.
  • Enter to Date and Time. When you get this option, use it to enter a new settings menu. You will see several options on this new screen, from being able to activate the 24-hour clock, to defining a specific time zone.
  • automatically define. Check that this function is activated. With it, your iPhone should automatically set the new time zone. If it's off, turn it on by tapping on the switch. If you find it activated, but you continue with the old schedule, skip to the next point.
  • deactivate automatically define. Once you have done this, your iPhone or iPad will allow you to select a specific region. Just touch where it says Time zone and write the site of your choice in the search bar. In case, even with the new region, you still see the old time, we show you how to fix it permanently.
  • Set a specific time and date. If you still see a date and time that does not correspond to your area, you can set a specific one. Just look at the time on another clock, and tap on the blue letters below Time zone. Now, you will be able to select the time and date that you prefer, so you will not have to depend on the clocks of the networks in the area.

Clever. You should now be able to see a new time and date on your iPhone and iPad. Of course, keep in mind that if you have the function of automatically define turned off, you'll need to change your iPhone's date and time again when you're in a new region, or when a new time change occurs in your area.

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