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Spotify reached more than 422 million of active users in the first quarter of 2022. And counting. But, of course, most of those users use the free plan from Spotify. Specifically, about 236 million. So, to gain Premium users, those responsible have decided to launch a promotion to have Spotify Premium free and without ads for three months. An offer difficult to refuse, even if you already have a contract Apple Music either Amazon Musicto name two rivals of this streaming music platform.

The Offers and discounts are nothing new to Spotify. If you have ever been a Spotify Premium customer, you will have received an email offering you several months of Spotify at the price of one or similar. Only Amazon does something similar taking advantage of Prime Days. But they had never been so daring to offer, directly, three months of free Spotify and in such a direct way. And it is that the offer will appear directly in Spotify if you open it in your web browser.

So since Spotify has decided offer your paid service for free, let's see what you have to do to enjoy this offer and, if you've never tried Spotify Premium, how it differs from Spotify Basic, the free version with ads that you may be using right now. And don't think about it too much, because it has an expiration date.

Spotify free 3 months without ads

The small print of the offer

As I said before, if you enter Spotify with your Spotify Basic account, the free one, you will have seen a very large message offering you the three free months of Spotify. And if you haven't seen it, don't worry. You just have to go to the Spotify Premium page in this link to see the same offer: 3 months of Premium for €0.00. As it is. But it has a trick.

reading the small lettersays the free Spotify offer is for the individual account. The one you can use with an account. If you want to share two or more accounts, in that case you will have to go through the checkout. But it is not a problem. Simply take advantage of the offer for all your accounts and you're done. But there is more.

It also says that the offer is only valid "for those who have not yet tried Premium." That and that the offer will be available until next september 11. So if you meet the conditions of this offer, you can benefit from 3 free months of Spotify. Of course, when the three months end, the Premium account will have a cost €9.99 per month.

As to register you have to provide a payment method, write down that date well on the calendar to don't be surprised. Remember that you can use a credit or debit card or a PayPal account. In this offer, They are not allowed Spotify prepaid or gift cards.

In my particular case, as I was already a Spotify Premium client years ago, a message appears indicating that "you do not meet the requirements of this plan". Come on, the offer is reduced to those who have never used Spotify Premium. An alternative can be sign up again with another email, but you will still have to provide a payment method that has not been used previously.

The advantages of Spotify Premium

The advantages of Spotify Premium

If you meet the conditions in the fine print of this free Spotify 3-month offer, you'll be able to upgrade from Spotify Basic to Spotify Premiumin its version Individual. And what is that going to add to your current experience listening to podcasts and music?

First of all, say goodbye to the advertisements. In addition, you can download the music on your devices, through the Spotify app, to listen to songs or podcasts offline. Perfect for going around without exhausting your mobile data plan. You can also skip the songs you don't like and control playback without the limitations that Spotify has been incorporating in recent months.

To enjoy the free Spotify offer and to learn more about what Spotify Premium offers, just go to this link. Good luck and enjoy the best music, in the best quality available, and without advertising.

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