filtered its price with surprise in the base model

Or at least that is what the rumors suggest, and whenever we are talking about the entry model. Since MacRumors they echo the alleged price leak of the base iPhone 14 that, despite global inflation, would maintain a launch price in line with the iPhone 13 from last year.

Logically, it is an unconfirmed extreme, but the absence of a cheaper model, until now limited to the iPhone mini, which arrived with the 12 and 13, would have kept the price of the base model contained. The rise, of which rumors speak so much, would be more focused on models premium from Apple, that is, for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

It is an important point, since this year, if the rumors are confirmed at launch, we will see an iPhone 14 Plus, so those looking for a larger terminal would no longer have to resort to the very expensive Pro Max. What would you see, this yes, its price increased due to the quality of its materials and that they would carry the new Apple chips.

Contain base iPhone prices despite slowing economy

iPhone 14 Pro

This would be, precisely, a way in which Apple would contain prices: by keeping the chips (and part of the components) of the iPhone 13 in the iPhone 14, It would also lower costs and therefore maintain last year's prices on the base model.

If we pay attention to this relationship of reasons, collected in the Korean publication shipApple will not raise the price of its next entry-level flagship device to boost sales and offset declining demand amid a slowing global smartphone market.

Apparently, and according to MacRumorsThe decision to freeze prices for the base iPhone 14 was made "at the highest executive level," despite the company facing higher production costs.

If Apple launches the iPhone 14 at the same price as last year's iPhone 13, it would be the second year in a row that the price of the base iPhone model remains the same: $799.

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