Download Snake and Ladder VR for Oculus

One of the best things that the advent of virtual reality has brought to us is the ability to adapt the classic board game we played as children to relive the experience in a new and fun way. The board game, now playable with virtual reality headsets, can bring back lost excitement thanks to the new format.Today we will provide you with snake and ladderwhich is an improved version snake and ladder.

At the start of the game, players take turns throwing their dice into space and must move their character to the number of squares touched on the dice. The road is a matter of luck for them, they can run to the bottom of the ladder, they will use the ladder to climb up more lockers, but if they encounter a snake head, it will let them go back and be safe. That's how there is an interesting race between players to see who can get to the end of the path first.

Interestingly, instead of looking at the chessboard, you'll be in a dilemma, touching your destiny in a first-person experience, climbing ladders or being stalked by snakes. The aesthetics of the whole game are very good, with cute kittens as characters, beautiful scenery and matching music.For these reasons, we invite you to Download the first person VR Snake Ladder game.

Download Snake and Ladder VR for Oculus Rift

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