Download James's Puzzle for Oculus Rift

Today, VR puzzle games are no longer those simple games where you have to piece the pieces together, but they have many other nuances that make them more complicated. Gamers have more fun when there are different aspects to cover, and that's the case with the great emulator we're going to give you today. This is one of the new products to appear in the Oculus store and has already attracted thousands of is james puzzlewhose qualities will be mentioned during the description.

All they have to do is put themselves in the shoes of Mr. James, a long-established detective who has long been trying to solve a mystery. To do this, they will travel to different planets to find evidence and collect parts of the story, but all in the form of puzzles. They have to find differences between very similar environments, such as two houses: the house on the left and the house on the right.

That's why they have to analyze different objects like furniture, frames, doors, animals, carpets and many others that give them clues. It is important that they are very sharp because any little detail can help them achieve their goals.For everything we tell you, you can't miss a great opportunity Play puzzle games in 360 degrees.

Download James's Puzzle for Oculus Rift

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