Download Eternal Starlight for Oculus Rift

Ever since the discovery that humans only inhabit one planet in the universe, we've fantasized about the moment of encounter with other alien civilizations. It also makes us think that these creatures are not very friendly to us, so there will be a space war.That's exactly what we're going to deliver to you in this description, it's titled Eternal Starlight You can find its download link at the end of the description.

it's about a Space adventure and strategy game, where they replaced the first president of Earth's space army, that is, they must command the special forces of humanity and use all their ingenuity to defeat the terrifying alien threat. The effectiveness of your offensive and defensive tactics will be the key to determining the outcome of each battle. They can take some freedom to steer their ships to strategic positions, but they must also be aware of possible attacks and not 100% ignore any area.

Since the war was going on for a long time, this made it possible for them to develop their technology and improve their spaceships to be able to face increasingly powerful enemies. At the end of each battle, you will feel a deep sense of victory as you will win because of the unique plan you devised, especially you and your strategic ingenuity.For these reasons, we invite you to Download VR space battle game.

Download Eternal Starlight for Oculus Rift

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