Download Airranger for Oculus Rift

Bows and arrows are one of the oldest weapons in human history, as Aboriginal people used it to hunt animals to survive. Needless to say, it's also used in conflicts between humans, which is quite common, allowing them to kill whoever they want with just one motion. The truth is that it's not actually used today, except for athletic practice. Today, we're giving them the opportunity to do this through virtual reality.What we call a specimen is called Air Rangerand it's been on the Oculus Rift for a while.

One of its main qualities is 360 Degree Multiplayer, which gives them the opportunity to compare themselves against their opponents to see who is alive and who has fallen in battle. It is important to note that they will also have the opportunity to take to the sky and shoot with bows and arrows from very high altitudes.

Once they get used to the mechanics of movement, they come naturally and they don't even have to think about it while shooting. It's a wonderful combat experience, and you have to be alert to use your shields at all times.For all these reasons, they shouldn't miss the great opportunity we've given them Play VR bow and arrow shooting game.

Download Airranger for Oculus Rift

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