Download 7 Mile Ritual for Oculus Rift

Horror games are one of the favorite games of users who wear VR glasses, and they are more interesting when combined with other genres such as adventure or role-playing. The Oculus platform continues to offer the best alternatives to such specimens, which is why we keep showing you them. In this note, we're going to tell you a scary story that will make your hair stand on end, not only because of how scary it is, but because of the mystery it still is 7 mile ceremonywhich is sure to give you shivers, but also entertains you for hours with the sequences you'll experience.

What's happening in this town called Brightwood is that every year since 1995 a vicious crane has arrived and started wreaking havoc everywhere. That's why you can't go out on certain days, and the curfew makes the trailers more insane to kill. The difficult task they will face will be to provide citizens with specific elements to protect themselves from a horrific death.

You have to be very careful because this killer crane is constantly looking for new victims and you are the one helping the town and you will be its main they can't miss Play horror games in 360 degrees And get the most out of your VR goggles.

Download 7 Mile Ritual for Oculus Rift

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