Do you have an iPad without an M1 chip? iPadOS 16 has these features for you

Much has been said about the features of iPadOS 16 that will arrive exclusively for iPads with an M1 processor. Yes, they are great and very attractive for the apple tablet. However, we have not forgotten that most iPad owners do not have the model with M1. So what are the features your device will get this coming fall?

If you forget about the flagship features of iPadOS 16 that are exclusive to the M1s, what exactly is left for the rest of the lineup? Yes, there are still some, but maybe they are not the ones you expected the most.

In an unexpected move —and criticized, of course—, Apple has begun to let go of its iPad without M1 chip. Justifiable? Honestly, we think so. After all, a gradual transition wasn't an option, unless you wanted to wait another 10 years to see significant changes on an iPad. Apple is known for updating its devices until they give out, so they must have had good reasons to let go of the rest of the models when it comes to major software updates.

These are the features that will come to your iPad with iPadOS 16

iPad OS 16

Applications that we missed. That's right, iPadOS 16 includes some stellar requests from the community. Among them, the native Weather and Calculator app for iPads. Until now, there have been no official releases from Apple designed specifically for iPadOS, it has only taken 16 versions of its operating system to finally get them out.

iMessage improvements. Just like in iOS 16, iMessage will also get some slight tweaks with iPadOS 16. Now, for example, you'll be able to edit and unsend messages. This function is increasingly seen among instant messaging applications, so it was only a matter of time before Apple implemented it in theirs.

Files app improvements. With every iOS and iPadOS update, Files gets a makeover to include a ton of new features. This occasion was no exception, and now we will have the possibility to change the extension of your stored data. They have also improved the Save and Open panel, so you can save related files and rename folders in a linear way; so you can better organize your documents.

More changes to iPadOS 16. This is not everything. You'll also see some extra features, like iCloud Photo Sharing Library. Live text is also delivered to the system, to allow you to see closed captions on any content in real time. Also, Handoff integrates with FaceTime, and Focus Mode improves its performance with deeper options.

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