Custom avatars come to WhatsApp: how to create yours

WhatsApp He has put his batteries and has been offering for a few months news very often. What if messages to yourself, what if communities, what if surveys... Although it is de facto the preferred app for millions of people all over the world, Meta does not want to miss out on those millions of users. So the umpteenth novelty are the whatsapp avatars.

If you are an iOS user you will know the Memojis. Are 3D versions of yourself that you can customize in detail. Once created, you get a virtual avatar sad, angry, happy, funny... Well then. In Meta, formerly Facebook, they have wanted get on to the car of the avatars. And, taking advantage of the work on creating their own metaverse, they have added the possibility of create whatsapp avatars for you to insert into your conversations.

WhatsApp avatars they work like a sticker plus. You create an avatar, the different versions are generated with gestures and facets automatic, and you can now insert them into your conversations and groups to express yourself better. Easy, right?

What are WhatsApp avatars

In the words of those responsible, "your avatar is a digital version of you that you can create from billions of combinations of various hairstyles, facial features and clothing. On WhatsApp, you can now use your custom avatar as your profile picture or choose one of 36 custom stickers that reflect various emotions and actions."

I mean, you can create your own whatsapp avatar or use one of the 36 available. There are for everyone tastes, styles and factions. And as well as added to express yourself in your conversations in the form of sticker collectionyou can also add your avatar as profile picture by WhatsApp. Two for the price of one.

The function has been announced recently, although it takes time in testing in beta versions by WhatsApp. so it won't take long to see it on your WhatsApp app. If you don't see it yet, check if you have the latest version. And if you already have your application updated, you may have to wait for the WhatsApp avatars to be available to you.

WhatsApp Avatars
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How to create your own WhatsApp avatar

To start designing your own virtual self you need to go to avatar editor by WhatsApp. you will find it in Settings either Setting. Whether you have whatsapp for android as if you have the version of whatsapp for iphone. Once there, you will know that you have this function activated because you will see a section called Avatar. Enter it and click on create your avatar.

From here, a whole world of possibilities opens up. The process to customize your WhatsApp avatar will remind you when character menu of The Sims, Fortnite and other games like that. It also looks like Apple's Memoji editor. You can choose a gender, a skin color, a type of face, a haircut, what type of eyebrows suit you, the eyes, the mouth... Come on, you can create WhatsApp avatars of you, your friends, your family and even your boss. Then you will have to dress it with the outfits that you like the most Default, you will dress like mark zuckerbergthe owner of Goal (and WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook…). But you can change the color of the shirt and pants, add a jacket, change clothes, add a cap or a hat...

In short, by browsing each icon you will be able to get a look according to you or the character you want to create. You are free to design the avatar you want. And when you have your avatar designed and dressed, you will already have it available to add to your profile picture and to use as Sticker. Keep in mind that you can create several avatars, edit them, delete them, etc. This way you will have several versions of yourself to use whenever you like.

Use your avatar as profile picture

Since you have your own WhatsApp avatar, let's add it to your profile picture. So everyone will see you in the form of a 3D virtual icon. For that you will have to go back to Avatar, within Settings or Configuration. Among the available options, you will see one that says create profile photo. Basically you will have to choose a colored background to decorate the circle of the profile photo and what attitude do you want to show with your avatar

You can choose your virtual self Serious, funny, thoughtful, full-length, just the bust... There are several versions to choose from that were automatically generated after designing the WhatsApp avatar. Choose the one you want, and when you're done, it'll appear on your profile picture. If you get tired of it, you always have time to change it, choose another pose, another color or just change your avatar.

WhatsApp avatars serve as stickers for your conversations
WhatsApp avatars integrate with your WhatsApp stickers

Use your avatar in WhatsApp chats

The profile photo is very good. But where you will really enjoy your WhatsApp avatar is in the conversations and groups. There you will see an endless list of versions of you in different poses, attitudes and expressing Curiosity, love, reflection, sleep, anger... There are all kinds of things imaginable.

When you have created a WhatsApp avatar, you can see which gestures are available by going to Avatar > Search stickers. So you will see the extensive list of expressions and poses of your avatar. They are automatically generated and you can insert them into any WhatsApp conversation as one more Sticker.

To add a Sticker of your WhatsApp avatar to a conversation you have two options. The first, from Avatar > Search stickers. Click on the chosen Sticker, and then select which chat or conversation to send it to. But it will be more practical for you to enter the chat or conversation directly, click on the whatsapp stickers icon and choose the one of your avatar. Soon your conversations will be filled with WhatsApp avatars from all over the world.

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