Chrome's new feature is a lifesaver for those with a mess of tabs and bookmarks

If you use multiple tabs at the same time when working in Chrome, its latest update has good news for you. Now you can quickly find what you need within your tab clutter just by typing an "@". Yeah, just like a mention on Twitter or on Slack, now you only need to write this character to get quick information of your bookmarks, your history and much more.

This feature was released with version 108 of Google Chrome. If you want to get hold of it, you just have to update, although as a general rule the browser updates automatically when it has the opportunity. With this tool, you will be able to access specific tabs that you know you already have open without having to search the web for the term again. The company wanted to improve the efficiency of its desktop app, and it has succeeded.

Google presents us with the new function of Chrome in its official blogwhere they describe it as follows:

"Sometimes finding the tab or bookmark you're looking for in Chrome can be difficult. Good news: Chrome's address bar on desktop just got an update that might help. You can now search your Chrome tabs, bookmarks, and history directly from the address bar."


Google Chrome is updated with interesting news

The new search function for Google Chrome
The new search function for Google Chrome

For example, if you want to find that help guide you bookmarked a long time ago, but can't remember where you put it, you just have to write an @ in the search bar of Chrome; select the search category (tabs, history, or bookmarks), and then type any part of your title or keywords.

So, if you have hundreds of tabs open in Chrome, but want to find the YouTube tab with your favorite podcast playing in the background, just type the @, followed by the word Tabs. Now, search for YouTube or the name of the content that is playing. It's that simple and without having to search one by one.

Another novelty comes under the name of Custom Search Shortcuts. Google describes them as a way to search directly on the websites you visit on a regular basis. You just have to configure it in the menu "chrome://settings/searchengines" and manage them yourself.

New Chrome features have been available since the release of ChromeOS 106. However, They have recently come out of their public beta, so all users can now enjoy their benefits. If you want to see what version of Google Chrome you have, just go to the three dots in the top corner, click Help, and then About Google Chrome.

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