Apple drastically reduces its ambition on the Apple Car

The latest reports regarding the Apple Car they pointed to a vehicle straight out of a science fiction novel. A car without pedals or a steering wheel that could move completely autonomously through the streets. However, according to information from Mark Gurman (Bloomberg), those from Cupertino have finally decided to step on the brake and focus on a more realistic goal. Of course, this abrupt turn has caused a delay in the launch of its product.

According to the aforementioned medium, the first version of the Apple Car yes it will have pedals and steering wheel. Also, its autonomous driving system could only work on roads.

Obviously, this goal is far from what was originally known about Project Titan, but it is the path that the company has decided to take after the many obstacles that have arisen. Without going any further, the team responsible for the Apple Car has lost a good number of engineers in recent months; not forgetting all the senior executives who have left the project—and the company—over the years.

Bloomberg details that a large part of the difficulties that the company faces with the Apple Car are mainly due to the Lack of industry experience. While they have been able to introduce new product categories to the consumer technology market, none of their previous work has come close to developing a car.

Added to the above is the fact that Apple also has to deal with the challenges of creating a vehicle with autonomous driving. There is no manufacturer that, to date, has created a bug-free autonomous system, and Apple has been no exception. Just for this impediment, his vision of having a car without pedals or steering wheel remained a dreamfor now…

The Apple Car now bets on a more traditional design

Apple Car Play, Apple Car

This notable change in strategy, of course, will have an impact on the final design of the Apple Car. They are currently working on a new proposal, which is in a stage of "pre-prototype". The objective is to finish it, at the latest, by the end of 2024; since its intention is to start a testing period during 2025.

Now, those led by Tim Cook know that the Apple Car must differentiate itself from the competition to be successful. Among the features of the new vehicle would be, for example, the possibility of enjoy movies or video games while autonomous driving is active. The system would notify the driver when he must return to manual control to move safely on the streets of a city. This novelty, yes, would only be initially available in the United States.

But where the Apple Car could really make a difference is in the internal computer that will make all the technological deployment possible. Gurman claims that this computer, known internally as "Denali", has a processor whose performance is roughly equivalent to four high-end chips in a Mac. If the M1 Max already works wonders, imagine what four combined could achieve. However, the source points out that Apple could reduce its potential to reduce production costs.

The same chip, of course, would be responsible for processing autonomous driving. The Apple Car will rest on a camera and sensor system to determine your exact location, identify lanes, and measure distances to other objects. Secondly, owners could control the vehicle remotely in emergency situations.

A rather interesting point of the report is that, for some artificial intelligence functions, Apple has preferred to resort to the cloud processing. Specifically, to the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services.

The Apple car will not be cheap

Apple, Apple Car

Apple, in recent years, has prioritized the growth of its services division, and with the Apple Car they will continue to do so. Gurman says the company plans to offer its own insurance programso essential in any newly acquired car.

When will the Apple Car see the light? If your new plan works as expected, the vehicle will be available during 2026. Its price, yes, would not be within the reach of all pockets. Gurman talks about a cost over $120,000although Apple intends to dedicate efforts to reduce that amount to $100,000.

Given the roller coaster that Apple Car development has been, it's hard to guarantee whether this new vision will come to fruition. Of course, nobody can deny that the new objectives are much more realistic. Perhaps Apple will not impact the entire market as it did at the time with the iPhone, but it will have a product ready to sell and, above all, a solid foundation for future improvements.

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