Apple could present its own web browser during WWDC 2022

We are six days away from the inaugural conference of the WWDC 2022, in which Apple will surely release multiple new software -and perhaps hardware-. It is a fact that those from Cupertino will announce iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 8, macOS 13 and, possibly, RealityOS – although Kuo says no. However, in the last few hours a rumor has begun to make noise that, if it comes true, could cause an uproar on the internet. And it is that Apple could finally introduce its own web browser.

The information comes from Robert Scoble, who apparently has reliable information about the announcements that we will see during WWDC 2022. Through Twitter, the aforementioned mentioned that, in addition to RealityOS, Apple will also reveal its web browser, a proposal that would allow it compete in a field dominated almost entirely by Google; although Microsoft's Bing has tried to get a piece of the cake.

"Oh, and there's also a new search engine coming. Is Siri finally going to be 'smart'? Hmm," he said.

Apple's search engine appeared years ago

iPhone 13mini

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time we have heard of the apple web search engine. In 2014, evidence was found of a crawler —a bot that collects and analyzes information from websites— belonging to Apple, although the company never commented on the matter. Years later, in 2020, a feature of iOS 14 hinted that those led by Tim Cook were exploring the operation of a search engine. The Financial Timesmeanwhile, reported that Apple was redoubling efforts in this regard.

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