Apple could bring back the backlit logo on MacBooks

The MagSafe port, HDMI connector, and microSD card slot might not be the only thing Apple brings back to its MacBooks. The Cupertino company could also recover one of the most iconic design elements of its laptops, which it eliminated in 2015: backlit logo on the casing.

At least that's what it suggests a patent May 2022 published just a few days ago in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This one, in particular, deals with the operation of what would be “backlit partial mirror structures” for electronic devices, and Apple describes it as follows.

“The logo or other device structures may be provided with a partially reflective backlit mirror. The mirror can give the logo or other structures a shiny appearance while blocking the view of the interior components. At the same time, the partial transparency of the mirror allows backlight illumination from inside the device to pass through the mirror.”

It is, without a doubt, a clear sign that it is a system similar to the backlight that Apple included in the MacBook. In this case, with apparently different technology, as the current MacBook and MacBook Pro have a considerably thinner case. In addition, and as a curious fact, Apple could allow the apple to change color. Presumably to match the color of the device.

“One or more thin-film layers can be configured to provide the partially reflective mirror with a desired visible light reflection spectrum, a desired visible light transmission spectrum, and a desired visible light absorption spectrum. The reflectivity of the mirror can be set so that the mirror serves as a one-way mirror for the logo or other structure. The mirror can be a neutral color like light gray or it can be a non-neutral color like gold.”

Will the backlit apple come to the MacBook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 Max?

MacBook Air M2

There are no details on which models will include this possible technology. We must also take into account that it is a patent, and not all those published by Apple —or by any other company— end up in a final product. In any case, the availability of the backlit apple in future MacBook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 Max chip, could be an interesting additional novelty of these models. Above all, if we take into account that on an aesthetic level they could arrive without any change.

The backlit apple, let's remember, it was first removed in 2015. The culprit? The 12-inch MacBook, whose design was considerably thinner than the rest of the versions available in the company's catalog. If we finally see this technology in the MacBook Pro, the backlit logo would be present again in 2023. And the launch of the aforementioned models is not expected until next year.

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