Apple confirms the arrival of USB-C on the iPhone, even if they don't like the idea

Apple has taken months to confirm what was an open secret because of the new European Union legislation, which will force all companies to use USB-C in their devices. Greg Joswiak, the company's senior vice president of marketing, together with Craig Federighi, has assured in an interview granted to the Wall Street Journal that the company will “comply with the new rule” and they will bet on the single reversible port on all their devices. They affirm, yes, not to be enthusiastic about the idea.

Joswiak has assured that the Lightning connector is one of the most popular in the world, along with USB-C, and that Apple has managed to offer a balance between both ports. They have done so, specifically, by selling a power adapter that includes a USB-C connector. In this way, the user can charge their iPhone using the USB-C to Lightning cable that is included in the box, and allow others to charge their devices through the same adapter. They affirm, however, that they must comply with current legislationwithout detailing, yes, if the iPhone 15 will arrive with a USB-C connector.

Joswiak has also confirmed that Apple and European Union lawmakers have faced "a little disagreement" over this new measure. It argues that, although the intention of the EU is good, they do not believe that the inclusion of the USB-C connector as a single port is the solution. They also emphasize that they have already tried it with the now outdated micro USB. The new measure agreed by the European Union, let us remember, establishes that all companies must move to the USB-C port before 2024.

All Apple products will move to USB-C in the coming months

Apple AirPods Pro 2 / USB-C

Neither Greg Joswiak nor Craig Federighi have confirmed whether the iPhone 15, which could be announced in September 2023, will come with a USB-C port. The latest information, however, suggests that the company is already working on an iPhone model with this port. Apple will also modify other products that also have a Lightning connector to include a USB-C port. Among them, the AirPods, peripherals such as the Magic Mouse or the MagSafe battery.

The latest product to go from having a Lightning connector to betting on a USB-C port has been the tenth generation iPad. Model that, curiously, is still compatible with the first generation Apple Pencil, an accessory that includes a Lightning connector.

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