An Apple Watch cheaper than the SE would debut with the iPhone 14

A few days before the Far Out event, where the iPhone 14 will be announced, new rumors suggest that we will see multiple versions of the Apple Watch. Added to the Pro edition, a report of the New York Times He anticipates that we will also see a cheaper model than the SE focused on a different audience.

According to two people close to the project, Apple is betting on children and adolescents. The sources mentioned that those from Cupertino have spent three years developing a kid-friendly Apple Watch. This market segment is generating strong profits for smartwatch manufacturers.

A cheap Apple Watch is part of an aggressive strategy by the company to position itself in this field. The idea of ​​the company would be offer an alternative to the iPhone so as not to generate addiction among minors, and at the same time, have a device to contact their parents. The report indicates that it would be cheaper than the Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch SE

The existence of a second model of the Apple Watch Series 8 has been rumored since 2021. At the time it was said that Apple was preparing a second version of the SE, as well as a rugged edition for those who practice extreme sports. This year the leaks indicate that we will see the expected debut of the Series 8, accompanied by the cheap version and a Pro, to compete in the high range.

Although the details will not be revealed until Wednesday, the arrival of a cheap Apple Watch does not sound far-fetched. It is possible that this model will become the successor to the SE, a smartwatch that debuted in late 2020. Although the Apple Watch SE is perfect for introducing people to the ecosystem, its price takes it away from the usual range of smartwatches for children.

How much will the cheap Apple Watch cost?

The cheap Apple Watch is likely arrive with fewer benefits than his older brothers, although it is almost a fact that it will offer cellular connectivity. The latter is necessary to activate the Family Setup function, which allows you to manage multiple clocks from a single iPhone. Some experts claim that its price would range between 150 and 200 euros.

Apple will confirm (or deny) all the rumors of the Apple Watch Series 8 at its Far Out event, scheduled for the September 7, 2022. The presentation will begin at 7:00 p.m. in Spain (12:00 p.m. in Mexico and 2:00 p.m. in Argentina), where the iPhone 14 and AirPods Pro 2 will also be announced. hypertextual will be in California covering the news instantly.

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