30 beautiful women from around the world

This photographer took a trip around the world to find out how beauty is viewed
Mihaela Noroc, a Romanian photographer travelled around the world for 4 years, with her backpack and her camera. She photographed everyday women and collected their stories. Her project is called The Atlas of Beauty.

Her goal is to show that every woman shines like a star because beauty is diversity, and not just what we see in mass-media.

For Mihaela, the real beauty has no age, colours or trends. You can find it in Africa or in Europe, in a village or in a skyscraper, in a smile, in a gesture, in an intense gaze, in some wrinkles, or in a story. You can find it in every kind-hearted human being.

On the next pages, we’ve collected a bunch of photographs from her travels that will show you how beauty is shown around the world.


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