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In times like these, it's good to be able to get away from it all, if only for a brief moment. If you own a VR headset, you're one of the lucky ones who can step into other realities from your living room, so why not use it for your health? Here, we've collected VR games and experiences focused on relaxation and meditation. We'll be covering apps on Quest, Rift, SteamVR, and PSVR, so there's something for everyone (including some free ones!).

Below you'll find our 18 VR meditation and relaxation experiences grouped into categories: Natural Relaxation, Musical Relaxation, Creation & Puzzles, Music Composition, Meditation, Reflection, Mindfulness, and Exploration. Did we miss your favorite? Leave your suggestions in the comments at the end of the article.

Update (April 28, 2021): We have updated our list with the latest information. Here's a quick summary of the changes since the last update:

  • sphere Now on Quest
  • Add to color space (Creation and Puzzles section)
  • removed surge
  • Hand tracking support is now available Cubism, sphereand Guide Tai Chi
  • Multiplayer is now live real VR fishing

Blu-ray (crack, SteamVR) - USD10

Blu-ray Get up close and personal with some beautiful aquatic scenes underwater. Many know the app's iconic whale encounter as a favorite debut demo for new VR users, but the full version has two extra scenes beyond the original, including extra features like the ability to take pictures. The app also has a dedicated "ambient mode" that lets you sit undisturbed in dark blue.

True VR Fishing (seek, crack) - 20 dollars

You might guess what this is...but you might not expect the app to have some pretty slick environments, even on the Quest version. So yes, you can fish, you can go as fast or as slow as you want. Consider putting on some music or even a podcast while you relax and wait for the big one. real VR fishing Multiplayer is also supported, so you can fish with friends (unfortunately, multiplayer between the Quest and Rift versions is not cross-platform).

Google Earth VR (crack, SteamVR) - free

google earth virtual reality Exactly what it sounds like...it's Google Earth, but in VR. In addition to being able to explore the entire planet like a giant, the app can be a great way to relax. Find yourself a nice spot (the "select" area has some great ones), bring yourself to the ground, and sit like a giant and admire the views around you. You can even set the mood by adjusting the time of day. It's also amazing to "walk" from a familiar place and see where you end up. Considering the quality of the experience and the fact that it's free, this is an absolute must try.

Tetris Effect (seek, crack*, SteamVR*, Virtual Reality) – $30, $40

Tetris Effect is the classic Tetris game wrapped in an audiovisual experience that uniquely accompanies each level of the game. As you manipulate the blocks, you'll hear sounds that fit the beat. Although some levels require skill and practice to complete, don't get too lost visually and aurally, even on "Normal" difficulty.

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Sheaf – Together EP (SteamVR) - free

Ever wish you could cruise down an endless highway watching trees, buildings, and city streets pass by you, and a synthwave soundtrack that fits that vibe perfectly?Artists and Musicians bundle Created a short VR experience that was handcrafted to fit a three-track synthwave album.for great price freethis one is effortless.

Particles (crack, SteamVR) - USD10

particulates Render millions of particles with a custom engine and let you play with them. There are tools you can use to spawn and interact with particle galaxies, including the ability to turn on "Audio Reactions," which will make them dance to whatever music you play. You can make and save your own scenes, or check out "Featured Scenes" to sit back and relax and watch the colorful blend.

Gizmos (seek, crack, SteamVR) - 15 dollars

Have you ever wished you had a whole room and a box full of tracks, balls and dominoes to build the ultimate Rube Goldberg machine? You are lucky. small tools Will make you finally imagine your childhood dreams, filling the room with crazy chain reaction machines No The cat turned everything upside down. Besides being able to build anything you want in "sandbox mode", small tools It's a full-fledged puzzle game with 60 puzzles to complete and a pleasant soundtrack.

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Cubism (seek, crack, SteamVR) - USD10

Cubism It is a casual VR puzzle game that plays a bit like a 3D version of Tetris. Its sleek, casual design makes it ideal for relaxing sitting and playing. But fear not, although the puzzle concept is simple, Cubism With 60 stages of increasing difficulty, you'll soon be scratching your head. The bright, empty environment makes it easy to forget about real-world dilemmas as you focus on finding the pieces that fit in front of you. Thanks to hand tracking support, you can even play without having to pick up the controller.

virtual store (SteamVR) - 20 dollars

virtual store Describes itself as a "VR woodworking game" that aims to recreate a hands-on woodworking shop where you can measure, mark, cut, nail, and more. With a realistic wood cutting system, the app challenges you to create furniture and other objects with the tools at your disposal without explicit instructions.

color space (seek, crack) - USD10

color space is a virtual reality coloring book where you can bring full 3D scenes to life, not just flat pages. Enter one of the 26 environments and start adding colors as you see fit. Animated elements and ambient sounds will come to life as you colorize the scene.

Cyborg (seek, crack, SteamVR, Virtual Reality) - 20 dollars

electronic astronaut Like a VR DJ station with training wheels.Although you were able If you're particularly talented, take off the auxiliary wheel, the auxiliary wheel is actually part of the attraction; electronic astronaut Even if you don't have an instrumental talent, it's a great way to express your inner musical creativity. The game offers about 80 audio tracks, each of which serves as a custom sound kit with unique instruments, backing tracks, and more. As a huge bonus, the Rift and Steam versions of the game are multiplayer, which means you can play with friends (unfortunately the Oculus PC and SteamVR versions are not cross-platform multiplayer, so make sure your friends are purchase on one platform). The tracklist is heavy on the EDM side (though some creepy songs can be found), so if that's not your cup of tea, you might want to look elsewhere.

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Drop: Rhythm Garden (crack, SteamVR) – $5, $7

drop is a music-focused experience where shapes you place make different sounds when hit by a falling ball. With the endless flow of balls, you can build dissonant sounds on the fly, add new shapes and create new paths. Think of it like a Rube Goldberg machine, but for minimal meditative music.

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